hello neocities

my name is cade leo shinn. welcome to my webpage! im a 16 year old guy hailing from detroit, michigan!!

i have a lot of interests. my biggest are technology, animanga, music, and video games. i also enjoy collecting of all types, and i have a soft spot for animals. i have a tendency to fall in love with fictional characters, too. here are some of my favorite characters of all time!

i am transgender and have identified as such for over 5 years. i am also gay! these are both very important things to me, and i feel very strongly about political issues surrounding them. this webpage is a hatred and bigotry free zone! please leave all of your hangups at the door.

homophobes click here

my birthday is april 20th, 2002, making me a taurus sun, and a leo moon/rising!

my mbti type is infp, my temperament is melancholic, and my alignment is chaotic good. i believe a lot in stuff like this, it interests me a lot!

click here to see my alternate about! i couldnt decide which layout i liked better, so why not both!